Billionaire dies during penis enlargement

Gentlemen, let me holler at you for a moment. I can’t think of many things that would suck more than dying while trying to make your dick bigger. Let’s examine this for a moment, let’s look at it through a magnifying glass (pun intended) and really analyze what’s the anatomy (pun intended) of this desire to have a bigger dick.

Honestly, as a guy with a not so big dick, I think it comes down to ego. There was one time a woman criticized my man tool, and that shit fucks with your head y’all. Never mind the countless positive experiences, one bad word about it and that’s what sticks. It’s not about our pleasure per se, but about how the world and a woman looks at us. It’s about ego. You want the woman to be impressed by your cock. You want to go inside of her and bottom out, and you want to do this to impress her, because of our fragile fucking egos.

Yes, in some cases, the vagina may not feel tight to you cause either its bigger or you are not big enough, at that point you gotta get creative. Try different positions, work angles, find a way, and most vaginas will work with your penis. Don’t overthink it though or you’ll have bigger problems. (Pun not intended.)

Let’s say you can’t cope with it. So now, because you are insecure, and you want to impress someone else who may or may not give a fuck about your cock’s size, you go and elect to have a surgery to make your dick bigger.

This man, billionaire diamond trader Ehud Arye Laniad probably had access to the best doctors money could buy. He was a fucking billionaire, and he fucking died on the operating table. That really, really sucks. I mean, that really sucks. I feel for him, his friends, his family, and all his sacrifices and efforts which have come to an end in such a tragic way.

Furthermore, if this could happen to a billionaire, what chances do you think guys like you and I have of coming out unscathed?

Again, for what? Ego? I’m telling you guys, accept the cock you have been given. There is a woman out there who will appreciate your dick, whether it’s big, small or whatever. Dick size is one of those things, like height, you can’t change it, so why torment yourself about it? Just accept what you were given and learn how to work it. Every woman is different, and you just gotta learn her sex language in order to satisfy her.

If you get hard, you can have sex, and repeatedly have sex, cum, enjoy the pleasures of the sex, then what more do you want? If you can’t make her come, then use toys, use your fingers, use your tongue, use your words, find a way. If she loves you, you’ll find a way together.

If you are into casual sex, and you encounter a woman who is not impressed by your dick, well, fuck it. What can you do? It’s bound to happen, even to men with slightly bigger cock sizes. I know one dude who’s hung like a damn horse, and a woman said his dick was small compared to her ex. In fact, that’s the same thing the woman told me. She said, “Angel, you are the best lover I’ve ever had, you make me cum so many ways, and its so odd since you are not as big as my ex.”

What the fuck man? Anyway, that happened to me, but yo, this guy I’m telling you about has a huge fucking dick, (he cock mooned me one time) and he experienced some cock insecurity cause of that one woman’s statement. So trust me, as big or small as you are, there is always someone bigger and insecurity follows. So why compete in a game that you have no control over? You can’t work harder to get a bigger dick, just work on becoming a better lover.

What good is it if you go get surgery to make it bigger, for someone else to be impressed, and you die? What if you don’t die but your cock no longer feels pleasure? What if you no longer get hard and have to take pills?

Life is hard enough (pun city) without putting ourselves through those type of risks. Accept what you have and make the best of it.

I’ll tell you guys once again, I ain’t got no big dick, but it gets hard, it works, so fuck it. Literally. I don’t know what a person with a micropenis feels, or if its worth dying trying at that point. I can’t speak on that because I’m not that small. But even in that scenario, I’d encourage you to find a way to enjoy sex without putting your life at risk. Is it worth it?

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