Black Lives Matters Protesters screaming back the f*ck up

Black lives matter. I say this often, and I believe it. However, protesting at a black lives matter event does not give you the right to harass people who are driving through or not involved in this event.

As I watched this video, my senses became heightened, and if I were physically present here, I would feel extremely threatened. These folks are coming up on these cars, banging on them, barking orders, and clearly presenting a threat to the occupants. If I were in there with my family, parents, etc, I’d consider you a very viable threat. It is in our human nature to protect our loved ones and neutralize a threat.

This behavior is not good and clearly not smart or helpful the BLM cause. We’ve seen how a driver can get nervous and floor that pedal. Are you sure you want to be in front of that projectile when it zooms forward? What if they are backing up and don’t see you?

Bottom line, if you are threatening people, making them feel scared, they may act on that fear. Then who would you blame if you get run over?

Let’s get out there, let’s protest and lets change the injustice in the world. But in the process, let’s not make enemies of those who may be our allies and happen to be driving or walking by that day. I can’t speak for everyone, but if you make me feel threatened, then you can’t blame if I take your threat as a threat and act accordingly.

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