Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Ever since the Infinity Saga ended, I haven’t been as invested or excited for any of the Marvel franchise movies. I mean, I look forward to them, and I find them entertaining, but it’s just not the same. None of them have hit the way the others did. They don’t seem to tie together the same way, and so on.

Given the great loss of Chadwick Boseman, I was really worried with how the Black Panther franchise was going to proceed. But I have to say, after watching this film, I think they did the best anyone could have possibly asked for given the sad and heartbreaking circumstances.

There were two scenes where they paid a beautiful tribute to Chadwick, and the theatre went completely silent. I mean, you could hear a pin drop of how quiet and emotional everyone was. I imagine that for all the actors, though it is a film, they were really feeling it and crying during those scenes. RIP to the great Chadwick Boseman.

The storyline was pretty interesting and they gave Native peoples great characters in Namor and his people. I don’t know his whole back story, but from my quick research, I can appreciate the changes they made to his origin story. It makes him far more relatable to the people of Wakanda and to us Latinos as well. It was dope to see the colonizers get what they deserved for what they were doing to his people!

I don’t want to go to into any spoilers, but I think they did a great job with the movie, and it’s definitely one of their best in a while. Honestly, I didn’t care all that much for Dr. Strange, and though I did enjoy Thor, that movie was more entertaining and comedy to me. This one had a lot more substance.

Great work! A+!

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