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Black's Barbecue via foodydirect

Black’s Barbecue is located in Lockhart, Texas. This is a place that I have never visited in my life. So how is it possible that I could be reviewing their product? Ahhh, that’s where our new friends at come in! We were invited to test drive their service, and to provide an honest review of what the process was like. Well, you guys know me, and one thing that I do is provide honest reviews! So let’s get right to it!

First I needed to setup an account with the website, and this process was pretty straight forward and easy. It was no more or less painful than setting up a new account with any other food ordering website, such as grubhub or seamless web. It was an easy, streamlined process.

Obviously they do ask for a valid credit card, and they require your home address for deliveries, but that is to be expected when ordering any product online like this. Initially I was a little reluctant about putting in my info, but I verified that these guys were on the up and up.

Unlike grubhub or seamless web, these guys take orders for food that can be acquired from all over the United States. Hence the fact that I am sitting my happy little self in NYC, and I’ve been enjoying some delicious Texas BBQ while watching Gotham on cable! Hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game!

Ordering the food was smooth and easy. You pick the item that you desire, in this case, Black’s BBQ caught my attention. I wondered how these guys were going to send perishable items like food all the way from Texas to NYC, while making sure it is still edible by the time it arrives. The answer to that ladies and gentlemen is dry ice! The food came in a container that is securely sealed shut, and packed in bubble wrap and very, very cold dry ice! The meats were frozen solid by the time they arrived here! Safe as can be!

Foody direct packing 3

They provide instructions as to how you should prepare the meats. Bare in mind, the food is already cooked, however you should follow the directions to properly reheat them and hopefully get the preparation as it was meant to be. This is something that I think I screwed up. I tend to really overcook my food, and I may have gone a bit overboard on the ribs. Though I think I did okay on the brisket.

Foody direct packing

Overcooking faux pas aside, the meat was delicious. You could taste that smoky flavor that is oh so delicious in BBQ, and the brisket was soft and tender. My wife, son and I had a very satisfying meal! We all loved that smoky flavor, hmm. I have a ton of sausage that I haven’t eaten yet, but I will have some in the next few days. I received so much meat that it could hold us over for many days to come.

The ribs were really good, absolutely delicious. I think I did cook them a bit too long, and that is regretful. However, that is my fault, I just suck at cooking, or in this case, reheating! Yet I don’t understand why America’s Worst Cook hasn’t picked me up yet for their show? I have actually applied and they never reached out to me.

Foody direct packing 2

The whole process, from placing the order, CHOOSING the date of delivery, yes, I said choosing the date of delivery! You get to pick when the food arrives, so if you are having a, I don’t know, pay per view fight party with friends over and you want that delicious Black’s BBQ smoky flavor, well, you can specify when it should arrive. I think that is a nice touch as most places don’t provide this option when performing long distance deliveries.

Choosing the specific items that I wanted was also super easy, and just a matter of clicking and adding the items to the cart. The food arrived right on schedule and all is well in the world. Well, in regards to this process at least. There is much that is not right with the world as a whole right now, but I digress.

My interactions with Foodydirect were very pleasant, and if I am ever feeling adventurous like this, I will order specialty food from them again. Think about it, you can have food coming in from Montana if your heart so desires! Maybe you are homesick and want a taste of your state’s best cuisine? Well, odds are that these guys cover the area where home is!

Blacks BBQ Brisket

I’d be remiss not to mention that in life, you get what you pay for! So for all this meat that I received, the cost was just over $100. However, it was a lot of meat, and it came from Black’s BBQ in Texas! I’m not complaining, I’m just setting your expectations, prices may vary. Don’t think you will get a whole bunch of food, and pay $5 for it. Great quality food and service comes with a premium, that’s just life! All that being said, they are competitive, and for what you get, I think it is totally worth the price! Again, check them out, and if you do try the services of Foodydirect, let us know how it went for you. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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