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Blaming Children For Existing

I just regained possession of my kindle from the wife. I’ve ridden the train a couple of days this week, so I started reading 1,000 Splendid Suns. I love to read and write while riding the train.

Consequently, I started this article on the subway as well. The author also wrote “The Kite Runner,” which is a very powerful and educational book. It was a very troubling story based on the realities faced by some people in this world. This other book by Khaled Hosseini is starting by illustrating the challenges a little girl faces, and I am already terribly annoyed with her mother’s character.

Right from the very beginning we see a mother who’s berating her young daughter, calling her a bastard, and treating her really badly. You see, the mother was a servant to a rich and well connected man, and they had a sexual affair. During their relations, she got pregnant and had a daughter. Now she’s screaming at her, blaming her for being a bastard child. As I was reading through what this child was going through, I became overwhelmed with anger. This is something that happens way too often with irresponsible and unprepared parents.

I haven’t finished the book, or even the first chapter, I became enraged and had to write at that very moment. The story may improve or change, but as it stands, I only see an abusive mother, and an absentee father.

The mother and father had sex and created this child, yet she blames the child for her troubles. Sounds legit! So where am I going with this? Well, if you are a woman, and you spread your legs for a man to enter, or you are a man, and you see fit to deposit your seed inside a woman, then you both better be prepared to provide for that child. Not only to feed, clothed and shelter the child, but provide them with love, kindness, and guidance! Anything less, and you deserve severe punishment!

No parent should ever called their child a bastard. The only bastard is a person who brings a child into this world, then blames them or treats them badly merely for existing. Don’t forget, that child didn’t ask to be born, you made them, YOU DID IT! YOU! Jerks!

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