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Blocking the train doors

There are few things that can get a New Yorker going like an idiot standing by the train doors, then not moving over so that people can board and exit the train. The featured picture here is not a good example because that is a very crowded train, and at that point this is bound to happen. I’m talking about a train with plenty of space.

Don’t get me wrong, I tend to stand by the doors, but as people board and exit I make myself very small, and I get the hell out of their way. The problem is when people just stand there and don’t make way for us.

A few days ago I was boarding the D train and this dude was standing right on the doorway with his back towards the outside and not letting people board. I said excuse me, he didn’t move, so I forced my way past him. He looked at me, and then nodded as if he was frustrated. I nodded back as if to say, “How you doing man?” Next another comes in, he says excuse me, but the idiot stays there. So he too forces his way in as well. Now the door guy is visibly frustrated because two people just shoved by him.

Here’s the thing bro, we want to get home. We need to get on the train too. If you want to be angry or frustrated at someone, look in the mirror. You are an inconsiderate idiot, and I’ve seen people like you get yanked right out of the train by some equally hostile passenger.

Stand by the doors if that’s your prerogative, but when you reach a stop, turn your body and make a hole. If not, then don’t get mad when people force their way past you. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not gonna miss my ride home cause your selfish ass won’t move. You move on your own, or we’ll move you.

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