Bodyprox Knee and elbow pads

So I wanted to try the different products on amazon in my training. I have been using cliff keen knee pads for years, and those are my absolute favorite. However, they are not cheap so I wanted to try out some other products. I picked up a pair asics knee pads that work okay, though they are bulkier than my cliff keens. I also picked up a pair of bodyprox knee pads.

Now you guys know I hate to speak ill of someone trying to make a living, but I strongly recommend staying away from these knee and elbow pads. They suck real bad. In terms of thickness and cushion, they are okay. The problem is that when you put them on, the portion of material inside that makes contact with your skin doesn’t stay in place. As such, it moves around as you are training, and by the end of my workout, my knees were red, raw, and peeling from the friction. The knee pads themselves stay in place, but the cloth inside did not. This really did a number on my knees and it was quite painful to be honest.

So I returned them and never looked at bodyprox again. I wondered if this happened with my other ones and I just never noticed, so I checked both my cliff keen and asics knee pads, this was not the case. So it’s just this product. That issue alone was a deal breaker for me. I wear the knee pads to protect my knees, these things had the total opposite effect.

Buyer beware!

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