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Border agents attacked by a mob!

Really? Ok, I’ve said before that I am not totally against immigration, but this right here, this right here doesn’t help the cause one iota! If I had my way, this news story would read very differently. You know what I’m saying? I would protect the sovereignty of this nation. This is just another example of how Obama, Kerry, and all the other communist at the White House have weakened the level of respect the United States commands. When you have people coming up to your borders and throwing bottles and rocks, you know that you have no respect! Hell no! I’m not with that at all! A few downed (and make no mistake by downed I mean dead) bodies, and they’ll never try that again. So you don’t like that response? Well, don’t come to our border and launch rocks and bottles at our agents! Now these individuals will feel emboldened and try to push further, maybe next time they will bring some of those guns that Obama gave them via Fast and Furious. It is time that we shoot with the intent to kill. Look, I’m not advocating murder of human beings, but I am sorry; these people are posing a threat to the lives of our men and women, and we should meet force with greater force.

Read the full story here.

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Gail Evoy
7 years ago

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