Borrowing more than just books from the library

When I was growing up, we had several libraries to go to. The one I remember visiting most was right down the block from Lebanon Hospital around 173rd Street and Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

I have a fairly clear memory of going there and borrowing the music soundtrack album for “Who’s that girl.” Yes, we still used albums when I was a kid and yes I loved Madonna growing up. Now she’s kind of weird. I mean, she can still get it, but you know, she’s weird.

I recall at some point getting a Pac-Man album from them. I used to borrowed a shit ton of movies, cassettes and all other sorts of multimedia goodies from them back in those days. Clearly I read much more now than I did back then.

It was really exciting for me to go to the library and see what new stuff was in there by the time I got there. Nowadays, with the internet, I can’t really see much use for libraries, but they do still exist and I’m glad. I have one relatively close to me and I’d like to visit it one day in the near future. I walk Peppa around there during the summer time.

Do you have any library memories?

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