Braces again?

When I was a kid I had braces. I never finished the treatment because I hated them so much. I hated them so much that I ripped them out of my mouth with a pair of plyers. In hindsight, this wasn’t the smartest move. Firstly, I’d have straight teeth today and not be dealing with this again. Second, I had government assistance as a child, so it was much easier on our wallet.

This time around, I am working on straightening out my teeth again, but I opted for the more expensive process of invisalign. I don’t have government assistance now, so guess who’s paying for it! Yeah, I am. So I don’t love it, but I definitely don’t hate invisalign as much as I did braces. It is not as painful or anywhere near as intrusive. Damn, I hate braces.

So my orthodontist has been trying to convince me to wear a wire for just a few months so that he can speed up the process. I’ve been resisting, because like I said, I hate braces. Today he said he could shave up to 3-6 months off of my treatment time if I would just cooperate with the braces idea.

So reluctantly, today I gave in and agreed to try out the braces again. I already remember why I hate these damn things so much, damn sharp metal and wires in your mouth. But in the interest of time and progressing this damn process along, here we are.

Let’s see how this affects my BJJ training. I’ve been progressing along nicely and really don’t want to miss any mat time. Dr Stearn told me to take it easy at least for today and tomorrow, but I still want to train. I’ll be wearing a special mouth guard that I bought some time ago which is meant for braces. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully my mouth doesn’t get torn up. I told them, if I experience too many problems with this I’m coming back!

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