Brainpad Tactical Dual Arch mouth guard

I’m always surprised at how few people wear a mouth guard when training Brazilian jiujitsu. I know that most of us try to train safely and we don’t want to hurt anyone. However, BJJ is a very physical sport and sometimes shit happens. You might catch a foot in the mouth, an elbow to the side of your cheek and so on. When that happens, you want something between your sharp teeth and the inside of your mouth. That’s where the mouth guard comes in.

There are different types of mouth guards. Some of them only cover your top teeth, but leave the bottom exposed.

In my opinion if you use one of those, you are only get 50% protection, and you may as well not use anything. There are others like this brainpad mouth guard that goes over both the top and the bottom teeth. I’ve never used anything other than these types, like I said, it doesn’t make sense to use top only.

Though admittedly, they are more comfortable and easier to breathe in. But those bottom fangs are still exposed and ready to penetrate right into your cheeks.

Some years ago when I wanted to start training again, I purchased two mouth guards, including this brainpad one. I had them both fitted and sized at home. This one still fits my teeth, the other one will need to be molded again. Once I figure out the model I’ll review that one as well. I think it’s shock doctor, but I can’t be sure as of this moment.

Anyway, so this is the one I’m using now. When I first trained in mixed martial arts, I also used a brainpad mouth guard. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this product. They mold relatively easily, have a breathing space, and are fairly comfortable all things considered. If you want reliable mouth protection, I don’t think you can go wrong with a brainpad mouth guard!

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