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Brandy Ignored While Singing In The Subway Shows Us How Talent Works #aMomentinNY

There is something that I have said many times in my life. As a hip hop artist, and a blogger I have come across many talented and amazing individuals. I have said time and time again that a singer like Sylvana Joyce is not world famous only because of chance. I have also stated that many artists who have made it, though they are extremely talented themselves, to a degree have to thank chance for their breaks!

This experiment by Brandy is a perfect example. She went on the subway train, sang her out, and was pretty much ignored by the subway riders. Why? Is it because she’s no good? Hell no, she’s amazing! The reason is that they didn’t know who she was. As far as they are concerned, she was just another talented, struggling NYC artist annoying them during there subway commute. Notice that she did not receive any special treatment? Had they known who she was, it would have been a different story.

This episode speaks to the talent factor. We can all agree that Brandy is extremely talented, but so is Sylvana Joyce, so is Crystalla Gonzales, so is KhFox, so is Samantha Leon, and on and on I can go. Brandy is a star, so people will pay to see her. If they knew it was her singing on the subway, they’d go nuts! Yet, when they thought she was a regular person, then she becomes only as notable as any other artists that may perform on the train on any given day.

Are you understanding my point? This is not an attack on Brandy, or taking anything away from her. She is a wonderful, hard working artist. I’m just trying to illustrate that many of us are also great artists, we just never had the chance. That is the only difference between the folks I mentioned before, and a star like Brandy, or an Eminem, and so on.

Chance is key to making it in the entertainment industry. Whenever I see an amazing train performer, I always offer my card for an interview, and I thank them for the song. Now how cool would it have been if I was on that train, and I had told Brandy, “Hey, reach out, I’d love to feature you on my blog.” See what I’m saying? It’s all about chance, I wasn’t there, but if I was, maybe I’d be a superstar blogger interviewing Brandy!

By the way Brandy, if you are reading this, I’d love to have you as an interview, or make a musical collaboration. (A boy can dream, right?) Also, with all due respect, I think you are very beautiful and I am totally crushing on you.

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