I’m a Jason Momoa fan, I liked him as Khal Drogo, Aquaman, and now Braven. This dude is currently one of the biggest “man’s men” in the movie industry. He’s super muscular and fit, has a real man’s beard, long hair, and he just oozes masculinity.

Braven takes us out into the boondocks and has a man who’s working and trying to live a good life with his family. Through bad chance I suppose, one of his employees is transporting drugs out of the area and has a car accident. He then makes the split decision to use Braven’s cottage to hide the drugs, and guess who decides to visit the supposedly empty cottage at that point? If you said Braven, you win!

At that point, the bad guys want their drugs, Braven is cool with them just taking them and dipping, but they don’t want any witnesses. Well, Braven is not one who is eager to die, so you know that things are gonna go haywire from here.

I watched this movie on netflix, and I enjoyed it, definitely worth a watch. If you like this remote type of winter film, make sure to read my review on “Wind River” by clicking here.

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Angel Rodriguez

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