Breaking News: Romney’s Revenge – The Sacrifice of the Elmo!

I’m sure that many of you have heard about the accusations against Kevin Clash, aka the Elmo guy. I recently watched the documentary on this man, and by the end I was so touched and inspired by him. His story was amazing. Now, as with any clowns, magicians, child entertainers, Michael Jackson’s, and so on, I did find myself wondering about this gentleman and his intentions. I mean, you need to have a certain personality and demeanor to pull off an Elmo and be around kids all the time. My concern and caution radar does comes into play anytime that a grown man wants to be around children all the time, I’m just cynical like that. Same applies to teachers, priests, etc, I got my eye on you!

However I gave Kevin the benefit of the doubt, he seems like a straight shooter and a genuinely nice guy. Now this comes to light, allegedly of course, accusations that he had sex with a 16 year old boy.  I don’t know how I feel about this, but I do hope that it’s not true.  Clash is gay, he says he has never hidden or been ashamed of this, but he maintains that he did not have sex with the boy before he was 18 years old.  “The relationship was between two consenting adults” well after he was of age.

Additionally Clash was reprimanded at Sesame Street for sending some “inappropriate emails” to the young man where he stated “I’m sorry that I always talk about sex”, the letters were sent after he was 18 by the way. No criminal wrongdoing there.  Now let’s get this straight, the issue here isn’t whether or not he had sex, or whether or not he’s gay, the issue is whether or not he had sex with this guy BEFORE he was of legal age. I hope this thing works itself out and that the truth comes out, either way.

On other news, Mitt Romney alluded to, but did not confirm that he may have something to do with this latest scandal. Rumors are circulating throughout the internet about this being “Romney’s Revenge”. He may have lost the election, he may have lost to PBS, but he isn’t going down alone, he’s hitting Big Bird and Sesame Street where it hurts, he’s taking Elmo with him.


(All statements about Mitt Romney are fictitious, the rest of the article however is not. Thank you, that is all.)

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