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BSN Amino X

Due to the new ownership situation over at Scivation, Retro Fitness at Rego Park is now carrying BSN Amino X as their “caffeine free” post workout recovery drink. One of the managers made it extremely clear to me that she requested a caffeine free product that was as close to the original scivation offering as possible.

So yesterday after my strength class, and just before my HIIT class, I decided to give them a go. I had two of them, Fruit punch and Watermelon.

As usual with these products, they had a medicine like smell to them, and they were sweet. However, the fruit punch tasted more like a kool aid, while the watermelon one had a bit more of a sour patch candy kick to it.

I liked both drinks, and though most of the guys seemed to prefer the watermelon, I was indifferent. Neither of the two flavors was that much better than the other to really make me pick a favorite. I heard that they also have a grape flavor, and we pushed the manager to order that one for us to try as well.

As it stands, the green apple, and raspberry scivation are my favorite ones, and I still have those at home in powder format. But if BSN keeps stimulating my taste buds, and depending on how good that grape is, then they may also be getting a new customer. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll say this, even though the product is caffeine free, after drinking it, and heading over to my second HIIT class, I was bouncing off the walls with energy! It seemed to really help me recover, and gave me that second wind that I need to power through two more hours of intense training. By the way, after HIIT, I taught Zumba.

I’m going back to Retro tonight to teach a Zumba class and then do some power lifting, so I’ll hit another dose then and see how I feel. In any case, so far, it seems like a solid product.

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