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Tech Talk: Buffer app for scheduling your posts.

I have known about buffer app for some time now, it’s a nifty little tool that allows you to “schedule” a post for a specific date and time. If you own a facebook page, odds are you are familiar with scheduling posts, however this app allows you to post not only to facebook, but to twitter, linkedin, and a host of other cool places.

I have always believed in being the action, if I put up a post, I want to be in absolute control of when it goes up, and I want to monitor impressions, reactions, etc. However I have found that aside from that initial first time I post upon creating a new article, I seldom post it again. That is probably costing me views and interactions. In addition I don’t always post my writing during the best times for traffic and visitors, I like to post as soon as I’m done.

This is where an application like bufferapp comes in. I am not always available to post a repeat at 11am, or at 6pm, generally I’m working and quite busy during those times. But research says that those are the best times for getting readers, oh no, what am I supposed to do then? Well, I’m buffering the biznatch!

Today I decided after I wrote my post on Readability and how awesome it was that I should further explore bufferapp. So I did, and I’s likes whats I’s see!  The website and application are pretty straight forward, here is a very high overview of how it works.

  • Create an account with bufferapp. You can even log in with any of your social media credentials by linking it.
  • Once you are logged in then connect all your profiles. With the free version you are limited, but if you want to connect up to 12 profiles you can pay for their non-free version.
  • Once you have done this, you can install an app on your phone,  you can add plugins to your browsers, and then send posts to “buffer”.

Basically when you do this the app will schedule the post you send and automatically post it for you during the designated time. Odds are fairly high that this post was brought to you by buffer! Unless you are reading it at 11:25pm on the 18th of March, then it was manually posted by me. Lolercoaster!!

Anyway, if you are big on posting blogs and the sort, I’d definitely recommend taking some time out to check out this cool helpful app!

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7 years ago

@NYCTalking Thanks for the shout 🙂 *Åsa

7 years ago

Buffer app for scheduling your posts.


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