Bug In The Office

One day I was sitting in my office, working on a spreadsheet. I heard my name called from another office, assuming that there was a technology issue that I was being requested for, I hustled over. Upon arrival, one of my colleagues was contemplating a painting on the wall, the other asked that I assist him with removing an uninvited guest. That’s when I noticed the bug in the office on top of her painting.

We observed the creature walking back and forth on the painting. Smacking it off was too risky as we could break or knock down the painting. So my colleague attempted using Lysol to get the bug off. This did not work, and to be frank, I feared that we may have just created a mutant bug. It retreated to the back of the painting. We took the painting down, I smacked it off, and then proceeded to crush and discard the bugs remains.

It was suggested that perhaps we keep it alive, and transport it elsewhere for a continued happy life. To which I responded by crushing the bug and transporting it to another happy life. I ain’t carrying no bug around, that sucker will probably end up making his way right back into the office, with friends. We had to send a message to the other bugs, in case this one was a scout testing our will.

You are not welcome here bug, you are not welcome.

On another note, if you have ever watched the show “The Office” with Steve Carrell, that’s kind of what that whole scene felt like as we were trying to figure out how to deal with the roach. It truly was comical, and I wish I filmed it.

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