USAF Tech School: Busted messing around

After boot camp, I was a damn mess. I was lonely, full of semen and seemingly out of control. It should come as no surprise that I got busted messing around in USAF tech school. However, I was still on point when it came to getting shit done. I do recall that one of my buddies helped me study and keep my shit together because I was slacking off a bit by chasing tail, but we’ll get to that.

During tech school, I was a “rope.” What that means is that I was a student leader. I had areas of responsibility and tasks that I had to carry out in the day room and around the barracks.

Anyway, remember that part I said about being out of control? This was my first time away from home, and I was fairly appealing to the ladies. At one point or another I was messing around with this girl. She was from PA and fairly cute. I can’t quite remember what we were doing, but it is safe to say that we were not allowed to do this, and I as a student leader was definitely not allowed to do this. I think I may have been making out with her. She kept on hitting on me, and one day I kind of gave in. “Wow, you are from the Bronx, that’s amazing, Angel. Were you in a gang?” I was exotic to these women from all over the U.S. LOL.

In any case, someone saw me and went to snitch on me. The next day Senior Airman so and so who ran the barracks came over to me and asked me if it was true. Not one to insult his intelligence, I said, “Yes sir, it is true.” He laughed and asked me why I didn’t lie? I explained that I didn’t think he was stupid and that I wasn’t going to disrespect him like that.

He seemed to appreciate this and told me to watch my step and be a little more cautious in what I do. As a student leader, I was the standard bearer. But he understood I was a human and lonely just like everyone else. I didn’t really get in trouble over it, plus I had the forward thinking idea of starting rumors about myself so that by the time the truth came out, it sounded like more fake b.s.

It all blew over just like I expected it would. Tech school was an interesting time for me, and despite that lapse in judgement, I still maintained my honors and received some certificates of recognition at the end. In life we all fuck up, but if you make your successes drown out your fuck ups, then no one will know or care.

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