Who would buy George Zimmerman's Gun?

So who would buy George Zimmerman’s gun? Today I discovered that the vile George Zimmerman was apparently able to sell his firearm through a gun broker called “United Gun Group.” The gun allegedly sold for over $120,000.


For those of you not familiar with the situation, Zimmerman had attempted to sell the weapon via Gunbroker.com, and was promptly shut down by the website. Those guys wanted nothing to do with this travesty. However, that didn’t stop the United Gun Group from jumping on board, with claims of “fairly representing Americans regardless of personal opinion.

Zimmerman touted his gun as an American Firearm Icon. Can you believe that fool? I think I speak for most Americans when I say that neither his firearm, nor his actions are in any way iconic! Moronic yes, iconic no.

We know that there are businesses out there with no scruples, they just want to make money, and to get some free publicity. I have never heard of United Gun Group, until now. I guess that’s the point of all this isn’t it? We are talking about them, and of course the racists will say, “Support them to keep them going.

Mind you, I own firearms; I’m not your typical anti-gunner. I’m just anti-racist. I find it terribly humorous how people try to hide their racist agenda behind the veil of “freedom” when conducting these activities which are clearly racist in nature.

Uhm, we don’t care what he did. We just want to honor his right to sell the gun in a fair fashion. That’s the American way.

Yeah, okay, I believe you. Are you so quick to stand up for those same rights for gays and other minorities? Please, tell me, I’ll wait. The fact of the matter is that anyone who would buy this gun is probably some sick, twisted, hateful, demented racist. United Gun Group knows that, and George Zimmerman knows that. They are betting on capitalizing from it. It’s no surprise that he’d list it as an “American icon” in order to appeal to those who would hide their bigotry in being “Pro-American Freedom.”

Give me a freaking break, you are not fooling me! The only reason you want this gun is because it was used to kill a young black guy, and the shooter got away with it. You’ll frame it, and pass it down your family by saying, “This here gun was used in one of the great stands against the invasion of America by the n*gg*rs and sp*cs. See here son, this gun right there represents our right to exist, it represents our freedom. It’s the American way, the way it’s always been done!

Good ol’ racism, masked in patriotic bull crap. Anyone who helped this trash sell this weapon while profiting from it is disgusting. Anyone who would buy it is disgusting. Finally, we can all agree that Zimmerman, the actual perpetrator of said events is the most disgusting human being of all.

Instead of disappearing, this fool keeps coming back into the spotlight a la O.J Simpson. I think that one day, his luck too will run out. One can only get away with such high levels of stupidity but for so long before reality comes crashing down. I think that Zimmerman will have his day. In fact, I think he’s actively seeking it based off of his ridiculous antics.

This post was originally submitted for Huffpost Black Voices and is published here. Since it was published, I engaged in dialogue with the owners of United Gun Group during my lunch break. We kept it cordial.




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