Call of the wild

As if Togo wasn’t enough of a tear jerker, here comes another doggy story. This one takes place in a similar snowy, mountainous terrain and also involves a huge adventure for the main characters and a cool doggo.

At some point I mixed up the preview of Togo and this one. I was surprised when I was looking at William Dafoe on screen instead of Harrison Ford when I watched Togo, but I figured it was just an oversight on my part, it happens. I just accepted it, that is until I came across the preview to this film once again, just by chance! I was super happy because I realized that I damn near missed out on this awesome movie by mixing them up. Thank goodness for “chance.”

One of things that I did remember from the previews was that Buck was barking at a big bear, and that was one of the scenes of looking forward to seeing how it turned out. When I watched Togo that scene never came to pass. I just figured that it probably just got cut from the main film.

*Maybe spoilers follow here, I do speak of the story.*

This story is kind of messed up because Buck is stolen from his home. Buck is kind of a crazy dog, at the end of it all maybe he was better off leaving the people he was with. However, as a dog owner, I think it kinda sucks real bad to have a dog stolen. I remember when it happened to one of my buddies. Some thieves took Munchie (Super’s Pitbull) and probably used her for breeding. She was such a beautiful and sweet pit. That really sucked, we all loved Munchie.

So in the film they never showed any punishment or retribution for the POS who stole the dog, I would have liked to see that. Once Buck is stolen, he’s moved into the snowy wild and he encounters some pretty nasty people, but he also comes across some good people and begins to embrace his new life. The dog is amazingly loyal and the film is totally worth a watch. It is kinda heavy and you might want to have some tissue handy, but it’s worth it.

Hopefully I didn’t drop too many spoilers but have given you enough of an idea to create an interest in the film. I think that book is actually animated and not a real dog as it looks that way some of the scenes. But after a few minutes you know you noticed that anymore, it feels very real. Totally check this out is a great film.

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