Can I get a date from the subway?

Someone asked me, “can I get a date from the subway? We spend so much time riding the trains.”

Ah, the never ending game of love! When and where will love show it’s beautiful face? However, their point is true, we do spend a lot of time on the subway.

I answered the only way I know how, based off of my own life experience.

A little history first.

When I was younger, I was terrified of talking to women. I had a crippling fear of doing so. As I became an older man, I started to realize that there really was nothing to fear, the worst that someone could do was reject me.

My mindset went from one of crippling fear, to a “if you don’t try, you can’t succeed.” If you try but fail, the worst that can happen is that you are no worse or better off than you are right now.

In other words, you have nothing to lose. The worse that could happen is that she ignores me, or blatantly tells me to piss off. At which point, I would simply piss off.

By the way, this is the same logic I have since then applied to my music and television career. So far, you may have seen me on network television a few times. How many times do you think I was told to piss off before I got on? How many times do you think I have been told to piss off since then? Yet, here I am, still trying.

As I’m riding the subway right now, I have spotted at least 5 individuals who I could possibly befriend if I were not a married man and engaged in “the hunt.”

One looks professional and reserved, she would be off limits because of the way I am dressed at the moment.

Number two looks kind of stuck up, and would probably tell me to piss off outright.

The third is headed to the gym, and also appears unfriendly.

Número cuatro has her headphones on, eyes down and closed, which is a clear indication to piss off.

The last one is dressed more comfortably, she has what appears to be a friendly demeanor but also looks relatively reserved.

Of the 5, I would think that my odds are best with the last one. I could be wrong, and often have been, but this would be my logic and the strategy that I would employ at this specific moment all things considered.

In my life I have experienced small successes while riding the train. The very last time I remember trying, the woman looked at me and simply said “No.” It was rather embarrassing, but you know what would have been worse? Not trying at all and walking away while wondering if I had a shot at getting to know her!

There was another time in the past where the woman was very welcoming and we actually hit it off. We exchanged information, became friends, and nature took its course. She was a wonderful woman. I have been very blessed and lucky when it comes to women. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t always the best when it came to holding on to them. One of my flaws I suppose, those roaming, hungry eyes that I have.

I guess in summary, the answer is yes, you can meet someone in the subway. But you have to be willing to take no for answer, and throw caution to the wind. You can’t hesitate because you don’t know when she will get off of the train. Also, please use some common sense and don’t get arrested for harassment! PLEASE! And if you get slapped, don’t blame me, remember there is a chance you could get nut kicked! Approaching someone in NYC always poses great risk to your safety.

Use common sense, be respectful, and gauge the situation wisely. Seriously, don’t be a douche!

By the way, this advice applies to both men and women of any sexual orientation. I spoke specifically about my experiences with the ladies, cause, well, I’m a heterosexual male! However, it applies to all sexes and sexual orientations.

Good luck! In my opinion, the train is one of the most difficult places to make a new friend!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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