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Capizzi Review NYC


Summary of Capizzi Review NYC – In terms of the food, the pizza, this place is phenomenal and highly recommended! They even earn a Editor’s Choice award for great pizza! By the way, I’m going to change that award picture soon. LOL. Using my mug was not a smart idea. Hahah.

I was invited to try out Capizzi by the owner, Joe Calcagno. We were trying to set up a time for me to stop by when I could meet and greet him, get to talk to some of his staff members, and try out his pizza. Joe found me online as one of the many pizza lovers in NYC, so he reached out and extended this generous offer.

The day that we agreed upon arrive, but as it often the case with life, things changed. I was scheduled to hit the Pizza shop at 3:30pm, we chose that time because it’s not as busy, and we could actually talk and I could sample the food calmly with no rush or pressure. Unfortunately, my teammate at work called out of work that day, so I had to stick around and cover both the early and late shifts. This meant that I could not leave the office at least until 6pm.

I mentioned this hiccup to Joe, and I offered to reschedule. He seemed pretty disappointed, so being the good review generating soldier whom I am. I asked if I could come over later. He stated that he couldn’t make it later, but that I could still come out, that his chef and staff would be aware and expecting me.

This is where the story becomes a little weird. When I arrived at the restaurant, it was jam packed tight! This is a great thing for a restaurant, not so much for a guy showing up to review the place. LOL. There was no place for me to sit, and I think I blindsided these guys when I arrived and introduced myself. I’m not sure that I was actually being expected. However, anyone who knows me is aware that I am a trooper, and I make the best out of most situations that I find myself in.

I considered leaving, and coming back another day. However, since I was already there, and I don’t have any reason to come to this area I told Chef Simon that I didn’t really mind standing back here by the kitchen and eating the pizza. He asked me if I was sure about that, and I said not to worry about it. In hindsight, I do greatly regret this decision. In terms of comfort and actually being able to enjoy the meal, I was rather uncomfortable. The spot I stood by was very busy with bathroom and kitchen traffic, so I was bouncing back and forth getting my big butt out of everyone’s way. I did enjoy chatting with Chef Simon, and the other fellas back there; they were a cool bunch of guys, and I could watch the chef making the pizza, and we spoke about the equipment and ingredients. However, in terms of being physically comfortable, I was not. Lesson learned.

Chef Simon tossing some dough in the air!

Chef Simon tossing some dough in the air!

When I was almost done with my food, I was introduced to a head waiter there, a gentleman who boxes professionally. We also chatted for a while, he offered me a seat, but at that point, I was nearly done, and I didn’t want to be a bother. These guys extended me an invitation, and I felt that it was not cool to take up a seat during this prime time when a paying customer could occupy it. That being said, the timing is the part I regret about this. I should have insisted on going during a low traffic time, this way I could eat comfortably, but I would not be imposing on the business. Lesson learned, next time I will take this into account.

Let’s get to the actual Capizzi Review NYC!



So, great story bro, how about you get to the food already? Yes, you are right, let’s get to the food! I’m a simple man; I take great pleasure of the simple things in life. So I went with a basic, margarita personal pie. This consisted solely of the dough, sauce, and cheese. Let me tell you guys, as far as pizza goes, this place was phenomenal! The last time I had pizza that was this good was from our friends at the Neapolitan express food truck! What stood out most for me, was the sauce. As I think back to eating that pizza, my mind’s eye is thinking of the sauce!

The dough was just the right level of soft and crunchy, when I bit into it, the textures were perfect. They had the right levels all across the board; it went down just right. Chef Simon said the mozzarella was fresh, and you could tell by examining the pie that this was not an oily or greasy pizza cheese. Sometimes when you get a slice of pizza, there is so much oil and grease on the cheese that it becomes disgusting. I love pizza, but because of my health, I cannot have it often, I certainly cannot have the greasy 99 cent slices! If I did, within half an hour of eating one of those, I’d get a terrible migraine, so I am very selective of when and where I eat my pizza.

Next, the sauce, my favorite component of this pie. It was a perfect combination of sweet and salt. I neglected to inquire about where the tomatoes come from, but this was good sauce! Even while writing this review now, I’m badly craving some of that pizza. I did want to try other styles, but as I mentioned, I was not very comfortable, so I didn’t want to be standing there very long.

I tried one of their lemonade drinks; this was also pretty damn good. Not too sweet, not to sour. It was Goldilocks level of Lemonade! Just right! Haha. Finally, I was provided with a dessert, a Panna Cotta, however this was for my wife. I brought this home for her. She ate it over the next two days or so. Unfortunately, I didn’t go straight home, so the Panna Cotta’s awesome appearance changed from really a very cool dish, to a melted sloppy mess. Lol. However, this didn’t affect the flavor because my wife was loving this thing. She described it as very creamy and also goldilocks “just right” in flavor.

Overall, the experience here was cool. I didn’t care much for the constant bouncing around, and I felt like I was in the way, but aside from that, I enjoyed myself and the pizza was phenomenal! There is nothing like good pizza made with high-quality ingredients.

This reminds me of when I was a kid, I remember back then making fun of what I called “gourmet pizza!” Back then I’d say $1.25 and the corner pizza shop was all I needed! I frowned on places like this, and I wrote them off as rich people pizza places. Today I can appreciate how good this pizza really is, and mind you; I am not rich! It was just so good! Anyway, if you are in this area, or you want to try good pizza, check out Capizzi, the pizza is Angel approved. I do recommend that you get a seat though. Hahah. Life is great!

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Capizzi Review NYC

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