Captain Marvel Review

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REVIEW: 6.5/10

Saw this yesterday and it was nowhere NEAR as bad as people made it out to be. It wasn’t AMAZING, but it was actually ok! I enjoyed it for the most part and thought Brie was passable as the protagonist.

My favorite character, however, was Talos. And even though it wasn’t at all comic accurate, I like what they did with the Skrulls in this movie! The action and story weren’t quite there, but the acting was great from certain characters (coughs, TALOS).

I guess the main reason why I’m not rating this movie higher is because I didn’t feel a greater sense of heroism. I don’t feel like Carol earned the status of being the strongest hero in the MCU. And what really stood out to me was the fact that I didn’t feel chills like with most Marvel movies, and I was really hoping to get that with this film. It left more to be desired.

All in all, decent movie.

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