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Chunky Comic Reader Vs Icomix Comic Reader

So for quite sometime I have been using icomix for reading my archived comic books. It does a good job of displaying comic books and…

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Classics Illustrated – Wuthering Heights

So after reading this book, I have to yet again ask the question: What the hell is wrong with people? First of all, why are…

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Wicked Broadway Review

Wicked came out many years ago. I remember wanting to see it back then, but I kept putting it off while saying to myself, “I’ll…

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Spiderman 2019 Comic

So I got my hands on this new Spiderman limited series comic by J.J. and Henry Abrams with Sara Pichelli and Olivier Coipel. I’d read…

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Hulk Gray

*No spoilers* When I started really this comic, I had some really high expectations. I was enjoying the story right from the beginning. However, as…

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Comics Illustrated – The last Days of Pompeii

The last days of Pompeii has been made into films, series, documentaries, exhibits and much more. For years I’ve been meaning to read the classic…

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HinoMaru Ramen

My wife loves ramen, myself I can do with or without it. I have nothing against it, but I’m not obsessed with it either. However,…

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