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Better living through dentistry – Dr Kong

As much as I hate the dentist, I recently decided that I had to be proactive in my oral care. The reasons for my hatred…

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Sanfords Astoria

A few days after my oral surgery I was too meet up with my friend and her son for dinner. I probably wasn’t in the…

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BLT SteakHouse DC

So this is not my first time at BLT steakhouse. I’m happy to report that the quality, service and overall vibe of this restaurant in…

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Capital Hilton DC

So I took an overnight trip down to DC to do some work at one of our satellite offices. As I was staying there one…

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Lincoln Restaurant

During my trip to DC, the local team went out for an early lunch to thank our intern for all their work during the summer….

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Thanos – Titan Consumed

I started reading this book sometime ago. It’s been a few months or so. The thing when it comes to my reading, is that unless…

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Visiting Bali

So I went to Bali in early 2000 with an ex girlfriend. Indonesia is a beautiful country. I don’t remember all that much, but I…

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