Celebrities that have dissed me in NYC

Jackie Chan

I saw Jackie Chan at Nobu restaurant. Jackie was super friendly with all the ladies, he was talking to them and took a few pictures. I have been a fan of his since before he became a “Western” star. So I approached him to tell him and he straight up turned away from me and started to walk away. I kind of got offended by that because I had just seen him being mad friendly with all the ladies, why is he going to diss one of his biggest fans? So I reached out and grabbed his shoulder, he shrugged, turned around and gave me a not-friendly look. Now I was even more offended and thought, how dope would it be to get my ass kicked by Jackie Chan, so I nodded at him, then he just kept walking. I know I was a bit of a dick, but so was he. I’m still a fan of his work, but I think he’s a bit of a jerk for only talking to women that day. They are not the ones who made him a megastar, it was nerds like me who did it.


I’d been to Nobu restaurant many times before. The chef seemed like a nice guy, but when I asked him to take a picture, he said no. Now hear me out, he had seen the Jackie Chan situation, so I think he didn’t like me because of that. Also, I will admit, when he was with Jackie, I didn’t pay him much mind. So I might have hurt his feelings too. LOL. Anyway, I will say this, Morimoto took a picture with me.

50 Cent

I was at the Mike Tyson Broadway show. I had fairly good seats towards the front. I’m a big fan of Tyson. At this event, I saw many celebrities, including 50 Cent. Now at one point I was moving, and I noticed someone looking in my direction. I didn’t really realize who it was so I stared back in the direction. Then it clicked, “Oh snap, that’s 50.” So I kind of nodded at him as if to say, “What’s up man,” then it was like his expression changed. It was like “Who the fuck is this nodding at me?” He kind of looked at me, and then looked away. I continued about my business. I don’t know what was going on there, but his look was not friendly and I didn’t want any beef with 50.

Spike Lee

I saw Spike Lee outside that same event where I saw 50 Cent. He was standing by himself, I walked by him and kind of smiled and waved at him. He looked at me hard, didn’t respond and I almost felt like he was daring me to approach him. I’m not one to glorify any man, and this dude didn’t seem welcoming at all so I just continued walking towards the train. I can appreciate his work, but I’m not gonna go begging some dude who just mean-mugged me for a picture.

Dorian Yates

I saw Dorian Yates walking out of a hotel in the early 2000s. I had just come out of the gym and at the time, I definitely looked like a gym bro. At first, I didn’t realize who it was, so I turned away, then it registered. When I looked back and he saw that I recognized him, the dude turned around and quickly sped away in the other direction. I felt kind of dissed, but I know this dude didn’t think I was going to run after him or something. I’m a man and men don’t do that kind of crap. I’m a fan, and if we cross paths, I’ll greet you. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to go chasing down another grown ass man. Give me a break bro.

Bonus Twitter disses…


Rakim got mad at me on Twitter because I kind of put him on blast for following me and then unfollowing me after I followed back. Either that or not engaging in a conversation, honestly I can’t remember or find the tweet.

Bruce Buffer

Bruce also took offense on Twitter, but was nice about it. This was my fault though, I was dissing him for how he announced on the UFC. I was wrong for that.

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