Charlie Scott upcoming album release The Impact

Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie Scott’s long awaited follow up album The Impact is set to drop December 1st. Let’s just say that myself, along with a few select individuals have had the privilege of listening to some of the songs, and well, as he does every time, Charlie Scott has once again raised the bar.

Charlie Scott The Impact

A quick search on this site will reveal that I am friends with Charlie Scott, and yes, this is the truth. I love the guy like a brother. On father’s day, Charlie Scott gave me a call. On my birthday, Charlie Scott gave me a call. When my father passed away, Charlie Scott gave me a call. As far as friends go, this man is second to none. How many people do anything like that these days? It’s super rare, and you have to totally appreciate the value of that person.

Sure, I can see how this may lead you to believe that I am biased, and that because of this, I grant him such heavy favor on my site and shows. However, that is simply not true. One thing I pride myself on is being truthful and impartial in my writing, and though opinion will undoubtedly make its way in, I do my best to be objective.

All that being said, I can’t wait for this new album to drop. The songs on this album are phenomenal. Charlie Scott and Joe Budden are fighting right now for the top position on my repeat list, and Scott outnumbers him greatly in quantity on my phone. However, the song “on top of the world” is the one I seem to be listening to most, that one and “castles,” followed by Charlie Scott’s “forever” and “the impact.” Even with those songs in the lead, I’d say that he’s in pretty damn good company!

Friends, if you have never heard of Charlie Scott, get his autograph now, because there will come a day soon that the radio, TV, or a large stadium will be the only place that you will be able to see him. He is one of my favorite artists bar none, and not just based off of indie artist, I’m talking over all. If you take a few minutes to listen to his words and voice, you will get it, and you too will become a fan.

Stay tuned for details as the release date approaches. You can be certain that Nyctalking will have the scoop.

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