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Welcome to the Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia! This is our first official blog post! Can I get a “Woot Woot!”

First let me tell you a little about who I am. My name is Angel Rodriguez. I met Alysia as a guest on the Rendezvous with Alysia show; I was a guest on Madhouse TV with Angel Huertas and the Rise to Grace team. I performed an original poetic piece based on the book Rise to Grace.

Okay, so I work with Angel Huertas, but what am I doing writing here? You know when you buy software, or buy a new product, there is always the “next level up.” For instance, lets say you have an iPhone 4, great phone, works great and it’s all good. Well someone has an iPhone 5, which is a bit faster, Siri is a bit smarter and you have a bigger screen.

I am the iPhone 4 to Alysia’s iPhone 5, a much less attractive version of an iPhone. But you know what I’m saying… she’s hot, I’m not. Sue me. Much like Alysia, I review restaurants all over the globe, I interview hot and new artists, I cover politics and have several political columns on a variety of websites, (shhh, none of that here though.) I also write my own original music and perform whenever I can, and I do all this writing, poetry and music as a labor de amor! You can find my music on my website

By her own admission, Alysia has been watching my work since I was on her Madhouse Tv show. That is how I came to have the honor of this position writing for the Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia. I was flattered and honored when accepted and I hope that I do you all proud!

Sooooo… Who do you think are my first guest on here? Well? Duh! Come on yo! Alysia Stern and Cristino Melendez, the hosts of the Rendezvous Show! Who else would make a better first guest on this column?

Our telephone interview, went like this, they spoke, I listened. Haha. They are TV and radio show hosts after all! Let me give you a little perspective, Cris filled up about one-third of a page in my notes, Alysia filled up about three pages.

I did not know this until last night, but Cris is a NYC  fireman (24 hour shifts) and also works a gig as a security guard on the weekends. I’d say those jobs are an appropriate fit, have you seen how freaking huge this guy is? We have not met in person yet, but I have met Alysia, I have stood next to her and I have seen Cris standing next to her; that right there is a big boy.

Cris explained to me the rigors that go into the running of a radio and TV show. When you have over 27,000 listeners in a week you have to get it right! Right? Right. Cris is huge (no pun intended) on paying close attention to the details, preparation, dedication, hard work, and to meticulously doing it right! In his own words he said “I’d rather run into a burning building any day, that’s easier and less stressful.”

That being said Cris is the first to admit that doing this show with Alysia makes him extremely happy. He’s been doing the show now for 4 months. He says the hardest part is the scheduling and planning of guests.

Funny thing, as I take you into Alysia’s segment, at first he was actually involved with the show behind the scenes. He was the local engineer and provided music for the show. Oh, right, he’s also a DJ, check this out y’all: Cris on the 1′s and 2′s!

Now what about Alysia? Well, I already told you guys she’s an iPhone 5 compared to my iPhone 4. So lets see how I can explain this? Alysia started writing seriously at about 9 years of age. When she was 7 years old her grandpa passed away (rest in peace) and she was encouraged to write about it in one of those little journals. This started it all. Alysia began writing poems, short stories, soon thereafter she started winning writing contests and became published in anthologies.

Ahh, but there is so much more! As of 2001 Alysia Stern is the published author of several children’s books. She is also a radio show host, a TV show host at Madhouse TV, a respected columnist, she interviews celebrities, politicians, writes reviews on restaurants and even had a relationship column! *deep breath* I’M NOT DONE! She’s also a PR rep and I’ve been told by more than one person that she is not only über sharp producing these projects that go Internet viral, but that she’s also one of the sweetest and most beloved people that they could evermeet or work with. Are you getting all of this?

Before actually starting to have huge success with her radio show, Alysia had taken several attempts at this. As is usually the case, the first few times things don’t always work out. However tenacity is a requirement to make it in any industry, especially one that involves entertainment.

Alysia recalls when she first started in this game, she recognized that there has to be an “in”… an opportunity. She told us that this is why she is in this business and doing well. Someone opened up a door for her, and she took the opportunity and ran with it, now she’s is trying to pay it forward.

Alysia has been able to meet and interview huge celebrities. She has interviewed folks like Dwight Gooden, Gloria Estefan, Snooki, and even Cris and Alysia have been with big bad wrestlers like Luscious Johnny Valiant, Greg Valentine and Zack Gowan. They have gone down for the count due to her sweet nature. But that’s not paying it forward, that perspective for you.

In addition to these very big celebrities Alysia is in the business of giving a venue, a voice, and that much sought after opportunity to up and coming lesser known artist. That’s paying it forward. It’s a beautiful thing.

People always say “hard work pays off” and that rings true with the Rendezvous Show. Cris and Alysia will help you, if you are willing to help yourself. Get out there, hustle, make things happen, and people will notice. Think about it, is it no wonder that I am the person that is here writing for you guys? I’m not special, I just bust my hump and work hard. Alysia noticed, pitched me to Cris, and here I am. Thanks guys! *winks*

Take a look at how this process works. Alysia and Cris met an artist named Edwin Vazquez at a red carpet event. They got along well and through him they met a gentleman by the name of Evan Ginzburg. Mr. Ginzburg, being much more experienced in this arena that Alysia and Cris, has become a part of their team and has gone on to become their mentor and has proven a great friend to them both. Karma much?

As a fellow writer I asked “How do you guys get these big names for your show?”  Alysia said “People come to me! Reps reach out to me because I have a great reputation amongst artists and businesses.” Alysia further explained to how her kind manner, honest, good questions make people feel comfortable. So it’s word of mouth to a degree. Of course as you meet more and more big names, and earn their trust, it happens more and more.

These guys are starting to be recognized in the streets too. That’s an accomplishment, for now, nobody in the street has recognized me as either an artist or a journalist.

Well that’s a little or a lot (depending on your perspective) of information on how the Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia came to be. These guys love what they do, they love promoting and helping new artist be it via the show or their business, The Rendezvous Show Inc. which is growing very quickly. This has to be the reason that we have crossed paths, we share similar values, goals, and a love for helping promote artists and good people. Like minded people attract one another.So here’s to a synergistic relationship!

You can find Cris and Alysia at the following links:

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