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Cheesecake Factory Review

I never cared much for these franchise type restaurants. Their food is usually over priced and a major letdown. But my sister told me how much she loved this place, so I’ve tried to visit a few times, to no avail. There is always a ridiculous wait to be seated. I didn’t care to eat here that badly.

So I was meeting a friend for dinner and we hadn’t planned or picked a place yet. It was the middle of the week, and I noticed this place. I figured, if there is anytime that we could be seated without a ridiculous wait, it’s on a Wednesday evening. I was right on that call, we walked in and were seated nearly right away.

Good, so lets see if the food lives up to the hype. So we sat for a bit and eventually someone came over to check on us. We started with a couple of drinks. Of course I went with a fruity drink, and my friend with a margarita. She had a rough day at work and wanted a little bit of alcohol. I’d join her, but alcohol messes me up nowadays. So fruity drinks it is!

Obviously, I didn’t try the margarita, but my fruity drink was pretty damn good. Nice flavor though it did give me a couple of brain freezes.

We were given bread and butter and I liked the grain bread more than the white bread. That one was softer and tastier. The other one was a bit hard and not very good.

We tried a few appetizers and the spicy caesar salad was one of them. This was a bit spicy, but not terribly over spicy. I really enjoyed this salad and though I wish it was cut up, I still enjoyed it very much.

I love crab cakes and these did not disappoint. Yummy!

I can’t see mac and cheese on a menu and not order it. This mac and cheese was really good. I really loved it and thinking about it now makes me hungry for that delicious cheesiness again.

For my main dish I went with the diane steak and shrimp. Got me a little bit of surf and turf action going. I think everything here including the mashed potatoes was really good.

My friend also went with a steak dish and judging by her reactions, I think she really liked it too.

Finally, for dessert, I wanted to try this ice cream fudge thingy. It was very yummy and filling.

I had a nice time catching up with my friend and I have to say that Cheesecake factory did not disappoint at all. My wife and sister have wanted to go here for sometime, and if they are willing to go during the week, I should be making a repeat trip there soon. The food is really good, but I’m not willing to wait over an hour to be seated. So weekdays or a hard pass on it.

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