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My middle sister and I agreed to meet up in 42nd Street for a brunch of sorts. I had a place in mind, a spot I had being to once before on a special invitation from the owner. However, when we showed up this time it was about 11:30am or so, and these guys, along with several other place were not opening until noon for lunch. So we began to walk, and that’s how we came across this spot. It was open, it looked cool, and the bartender was very inviting.

She was all smiles when we arrived, she invited us to sit anywhere that we wanted. Once seated, a gentleman greeted us and presented us with water, and get this, garlic flavored popcorn! That was a first for me, I can’t recall the last time that a restaurant gave us popcorn in place of bread. It was good though, I’m not complaining, just pointing that difference.

We decided to go with a calamari appetizer, it was pretty good. There are a few things that could make or break a calamari dish, being greasy, soggy, or tasting fishy. This place did well on all counts. My sister wasn’t sure what exactly it was at first, but I think that these guys created a new fan. Good job.

I went with the pork chop dish on a recommendation from the bartender, I mentioned it and she said it was phenomenal. Sold! My sister went with a burger and some fries. This place was all win, the food was delicious, filling, and left us both feeling satisfied.

My dish came with mashed potatoes and spinach, both items that I love very much. The pork chop was thick, well cooked, and flavored perfectly. I tried a few of my sister’s fries and they were pretty good as well, again, no soggy. Win.

Overall I recommend trying this restaurant, the service was great, the food was great, the ambiance and space were great, and I have no complaints.

The only thing I will note is , that if you are a big boy, or nearly  adult sized at all, then using the bathroom will prove challenging. The toilet is in a very tight spot. My sister also noted that the women’s bathroom was a hot mess, probably from a party the night before. None of this is relevant to the restaurant experience, unless you have to pee or poop. I had to do both, lol. No shame in my game! What, you don’t use the bathroom?

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Chelsea Grill of Hell’s Kitchen