Chicago PD Bait Truck

So the Chicago pd setup a bait truck to try and lure people to come and steal. Now, I’m not saying that stealing is ever right, but you gotta understand that some people are going through some hard times. If you make it easy for them to ease those times by leaving your crap accessible, unfortunately, some of them will take advantage of that. They knew this, and this is why they did it.

Never mind that Chicago is breaking all sorts of records for murder and gun crime, lets shift our focus to setting up some people and entrap them into stealing some sneakers.

Instead of taking their time and resources to solve all those murders happening? Instead of taking those sneakers, and maybe going out to needy communities, and doing some outreach, maybe donate some kicks to kids? Nope, these assholes are out here trying to feed the prison complex by entrapping the less fortunate.

I’m extremely disappointed in the Chicago police department for this pathetic stunt, and it really illustrates how shitty their priorities are. Shame on you.

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