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Child rapists may lose British citizenship

So these dudes raped, drugged, pimped and abused several young girls in Manchester back in 2012. They all received prison sentences, and are already back out on the street.

I have an issue with the math here as it doesn’t seem to make sense. I read that one of the perps received a 9 year sentence but he’s already out? That says to me that they let this disgusting trash out of prison earlier than he was sentenced for. Based on the nature of their crimes, they should have at a minimum served their entire sentence and under no circumstances be eligible for early release.

That being said, now the British courts are working to strip them of their British citizenship and deport them back to Pakistan. I saw mentions in the comments that they will have a lot of trouble in doing this and that they are even receiving legal aid to fight the court cases.

What the hell is going on in England? This trash is receiving legal aid to fight around a case where they raped young women? They did it in a form that was described as organized crime, and now they have the audacity to fight the deportation requests under “Humane rights?” Really?

These guys are lucky to even be alive, yet they have the nerve to take legal aid, and appeal the deportations. As I understand it, deportation could take a very long time. That makes me sick. I’ve always maintained that child rapists are the worst of the worst among criminals.

I’m gonna say this y’all, the U.K is on some serious bullshit. I know we have issues here in the U.S around crime and immigration. However, when it comes to damn child rapists like these men, I’m in favor of a swift death. Prison, followed by deportation and loss of citizenship is a showing of undeserved mercy.

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