Children forbidden from singing patriotic song!

Edna Cohens school students in Coney Island school will not allowed to sing “God bless the U.S.A” by Lee Greenwood at their Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  The reason for this is because their principal Greta Hawkins and staffers thought it may be offensive to other cultures.

Does that sound right to you? Just hours ago I wrote about a Sikh man who was allowed to serve in the Army while keeping his beard and turban. So clearly our way is one of acceptance and tolerance. We are the land of opportunity. However in our own country we cannot sing a song that asks God to bless us and thanks our men and women for their military service because it’s “offensive?”

Rep. Michael Grimm, a NY republican issued a statement where he asked the question “Offensive to who?”  The principal also came under fire from parents and even Lee Greenwood himself took issue with the ban. The official reason for the move is that “the lyrics are not appropriate for the age group”. Mr Greenwood stated “if my lyrics are not appropriate, then what is?”

As a person that served this country, I remember singing this song during basic training, I remember the pride I felt and this infuriates me.  Last I checked we are all living in the United States of America. If our children are not allowed to express pride in their homeland, then something is terribly wrong. That Principal, Greta Hawkins and all the supporting staff, including the chancellor of NYC schools Dennis Walcott sicken me.

Apparently it’s offensive to have pride in the country you live in, the same country that hosts the people that “may” get offended. Yet the kids are allowed to sing Justin Bieber’s “baby baby”, a song that is definitely not appropriate for that age group.

Well guess what? That offends me! Little children should not be singing about their “baby, baby, baby, ohhh”, when they themselves are still babies.

What are you teaching our children about values and their country when every single move is scrutinized to ensure you don’t offend anyone else but it’s ok to offend our own home?

Many people are calling for the principal to be fired and I support this call. This is absolutely ridiculous. I find it extremely offensive and inconsiderate that our men and women that died cannot be honored because of some ridiculous woman’s politics.

For disrespecting the country that feeds and pays her, Greta Hawkins gets today’s NYCTalking major #fail of the day!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

I find this infuriating! Sickening!

Chris Ortiz



@arodomus Not so fast. Have You heard Em’sing? #UsGuys

Angel Rodriguez

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