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MSNBC Chris Hayes “Uncomfortable calling fallen soldiers heroes”.

Chris Hayes feels uncomfortable referring to our fallen soldiers as heroes.

As a prior member of the military, upon initially reading this headline I felt deeply offended and I wanted this guy’s head on a pitch fork. I was on my way here to bash this guy, hard. However to be fair, I decided to watch the video a few more times before reacting.

I concluded that this guy is just a hippie type and he was not intentionally trying to be offensive to our troops. He tried to use a roundabout explanation as to why he can’t refer to them as heroes. Yet, I don’t think he really meant disrespect or harm to the fallen members of our armed forces or their family members left behind.

I do wonder though if he takes part in Memorial day BBQ’s?

Memorial day is a day of mourning  for many Americans that have lost family members in war. If you don’t see them as heroes, it is your right to feel that way, but it would  be in good taste to keep that opinion to yourself. Going on national television and making this type of statement is in really bad taste.

I challenge you to go to China or Iran and make a statement like that, let me know how that works out for you. Though in this country, you do have the right to say this, in this writer’s opinion, it is in bad taste to speak ill of the dead men and women that earned you this right. Shame on you Chris Hayes!

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8 years ago

Hayes is "uncomfortable" calling fellow Americans that have died serving their country heroes, but his parents – one a former community organizer "for people who had trained with [Saul] Alinsky" – qualify for such an honor.…… Hayes is married to Kate A. Shaw, Associate Counsel for President Barack Obama and daughter of award-winning Chicago journalist Andy Shaw, who has also appeared a number of times on MSNBC.[11][12] Hayes and Shaw resided in Washington, D.C., until they moved to New York City, where Up with Chris Hayes is produced.[13] Their daughter, Ryan Elizabeth Shaw-Hayes, was born in November 2011.[14]… Read more »

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