Chung Ying Acupuncture Review DDS Therapy

So as I mentioned before, my shoulder has been bugging me for awhile. I’ve tried ignoring it, and working through the pain in hopes that it just goes away like most do. However, this one has stuck around for awhile so I decided to start some form of rehab.

My wife has been going to this place and having this therapy done called DDS Therapy. Basically, it’s a machine where a therapist is able to conduct some light electrical current into your body. This allegedly promotes healing and helps unblock the meridians in your body.

For my purposes, I don’t think the focus has been on the meridians, but more focused on my shoulder. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be, but I’ve found it seems to help me with the pain, if only temporarily.

If you read my Dr. Tyorkin piece, you know that I also went to see a medical doctor on this, and that didn’t go over very well. This is more of what we call alternative medicine. I haven’t done acupuncture here, only the DDS, heat packs, a little electrical pulse device, and some mobility work with whom I believe is a chiropractor.

The DDS is not painful, but it can take a bit out of you if they go in hard. But, it seems to be helping me recover. I’ve not had any imaging done, but apparently it’s not likely anything terrible is going on in there. But who knows?

These folks are pretty nice, and my experience thus far has been pleasant. I honestly don’t know if this treatment is really helping me long term, but it seems to provide some relief. I’ll continue doing it for the time being, and we’ll see what happens.

Check them out if you are interested in trying it out, tell them “Angel sent you.”

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