COD Modern Warfare 2

Okay, so the full release of MW2 has officially been out for a few weeks now. I started playing on the beta and am now rocking with the fullest. Overall, I like the game, but I still feel that COD Cold War plays better. I know that part of my frustration with the game is that I don’t know the new maps, but it’s more than that. The feel of the game, though better than Vanguard, and pretty fun, it just doesn’t feel as good as Cold War does.

That is just my feeling of playing the game. Now there are some actual real issues with the game, though that is understood and fair as it is brand new. Although admittedly, there was a time when games just actually worked, wasn’t there? All you had to do was blow into the cartridge and boom, you were good!

The graphics on this game are nice, but mine would completely freeze up and lock up over and over again. By the time my screen came back, I was dead. Then I’d spawn again, freeze up, and dead again. Basically, it was unusable at that point. I had to go in and lower a bunch of my graphics settings to make it stop locking up so badly. It still flickers here and there, and there are stutters on occasion, but it’s usable now. I can actually play without freezing up. There were a lot of fixes to implement, and I tried them all, including some of my own.

Another thing that kind of bugs me is that the spatial sound is not really working. I thought these issues were just me, but when I went back to Cold War for a few rounds, some of the guys were saying that they couldn’t tell where the footsteps were coming from, that’s exactly what I’m talking about here. So we can’t turn them off with a perk, but we can’t tell where they are coming from. That sucks!

How about aim and flinching? I will be shooting the crap out of sniper, tagging him over and over and the son of gun still manages to hit me without losing their aim. Really? That’s a load of horsecrap and I think it is broken too. When I get shot with most weapons, it throws off my aim and shot, but some weapons are not. This was also brought to my attention by a few other players, players who were using the sniper and are much better than I am. “Yeah man, it’s broken, they need to fix it.”

Overall though, I like the game. I think it is fun and enjoyable. However, I really wish that they would just make the controlling and game play like Cold War. Change the maps, scenery, etc, but keep the core that Cold War has. Whatever it is, I can’t determine exactly what, but the game play is just so much better on that one. Of all the ones I’ve played, I love that one the most.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty’s latest installation?

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