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The Comforter

In the jungle, they call him the comforter, and it breaks his heart to see you suffer so. As you slowly stumble along, your injuries are apparent, and he seeks to help you during this transition. He wants to make it as painless as possible. He comes over to you, he sees the sheer terror in your eyes, but he nods and tells you that everything will be alright. He gently strokes your skin, and licks your wound. Once again he tells you everything will be alright.

Scavengers and other predators approach, they wish to devour you. How dare they, he becomes enraged, lets out a roar, and chases them away. He looks at you, softly smiles, and once again he licks you.

He knows you are his, and you know this too. You accept your fate, and you take a deep breath. You actually like how he smells, so you gently nudge him, and he comes in closer. You can feel the weight of his body, and the power of his strong muscles. It’s no surprise that he so easily caught and subdued you. He hates doing this to you, but he hopes that you understand, he has to survive.

It is not at all personal, and he meant no harm. He wants to make this as painless as possible. He comes in close, rubs his large mane on you, tells you to relax and close your eyes, it will be over in a moment. You want the pain to stop, so you close your eyes. He gently wraps his powerful jaw around your neck, tells you that he loves you, and then it is all over. He made this as painless as possible.

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Peggy Gilbey McMackin
4 years ago

Powerful and emotive.

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