Compromise, Guns and the NYC Laws.

NYC is arguably one of the toughest places to live in if  you own or want to own a gun.

In NYC you cannot conceal carry your gun on you except for few, very rare circumstances.  Assault rifles, or anything that looks like an assault rifle are banned in the city. In addition, thanks to our lovely Governor Cuomo, you will only be able to have 7 rounds in your gun magazines. On average it takes over 1 year of waiting, sessions of fingerprinting, mental health checks, FBI background checks, and much more to ever get approved. It’s very difficult, expensive and time consuming, honestly I don’t know what more any gun opponent could ask for.

Furthermore, I’ll ask any of you, if a gun owner wanted to hurt anyone, do you think changing the magazine from 10 to 7 rounds would make a difference? All one needs to do is get more magazines, get another gun and boom they are good to go. Cuomo just wants to LOOK like he is doing something. It’s all political posturing and frankly bullcrap in my opinion.

If after all that a gun owner in NYC goes through to get a firearm, you still think they are a threat, then you are out of your cot damn minds. I would argue that anyone in NYC that has a gun permit is more sane and safer than most New Yorkers are. In order to reach that point where they are permissioned to own a gun they went to hell and back in regards to searches and mental checks! In fact I think that many New Yorkers should go through those checks simply to be allowed to ride the subway train!

Now that’s real talk for you! Most pro gun advocates are open to reason and compromise, but if you take a hard line stand against their rights, then they will take the same FOR their rights. And nothing ever gets resolved that way.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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