Conflicted about the migrant caravan

I have had mixed feeling about these migrant caravans making their way across Mexico towards the United States. On one hand, I understand that we are partly responsible for causing this situation due to our meddling in foreign lands. On the other hand I wonder at what point do we as a nation say “we’ve paid for our mistakes, enough is enough.” But it’s so complicated, some of our past actions abroad have consequences that affect these folks to this day.

At this point in time, I am in favor of allowing asylum seekers into the country, but only after they have been screened and determined to not be gang members or troublemakers. A perfect example would be this child and his caretakers. That kid looks terrified, and it’s safe bet to assume that it is because of having to cross a deep river like this. The man literally took on the burden of helping the kid across towards a better life by carrying him on his shoulders. That’s heavy stuff y’all.

When I saw this picture, I was literally moved to tears. It touched me deeply to see the pain on his face and to think that this child is living this reality right now. His parents have put him on this dangerous journey for a better life, how could we as decent human beings send this kid back?

Secure the border and intercept them. Help people like him and his family, while arresting and deporting any gang members, anyone who causes trouble, and anyone who is armed, etc. I am not in favor of allowing all of them entry in the USA, but how could I, or anyone with a clear conscience send this child back after witnessing what he has survived?

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