Let passengers off first!

This weekend we took #peppathepom to a training session at Petco. The trains were jacked up as is often the case on the weekends.

My wife and I were stuck in there when our stop came. Instead of letting people get off, the ones waiting started to storm in. So I said in a very loud and stern voice, let them off first. I then forced clear a way for us to exit. I guess he didn’t like it cause this nerdy voice says “Maybe if you got off your seat sooner you wouldn’t get caught in the rush.”

I turned around, while holding my 2.7 pound baby and looked for the source of the nasally bitch ass voice. I made eye contact with this loser and in a hard voice said, “We weren’t sitting down, can’t you see the train is very crowded?”

My wife said “Thanks honey” for me alpha’ing up and making sure we could get off the train. However, the humor around my trying to be hard while holding a tiny pup with a pink leash on my neck was not lost on me.

Y’all know I’m not a troublemaker, but I’m not one to bitch out and let some prick wrongfully talk shit to me.

The bottom line is this, dog or no dog, when our stop comes, we are getting off the fucking train. We can either walk pass you or we can walk through you. It’s as simple as that! We are getting off before that train pulls out, period.

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