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Confusion about Amtrak Acela cancellations

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Amtrak has suspended NONSTOP Acela service between NYC and DC. The confusion is that some headlines or articles don’t make the distinction between Acela NONSTOP and regular Acela service. They are two different services, though I know the regular one feels like it’s NONSTOP.

As far as I know, there are only 3 NONSTOP Acela trains to DC. Those are the only ones which are cancelled. Regular Acela service is still running as scheduled. By regular, I mean that it makes a stop in Philly, Maryland and then continues to DC. The stops are very fast and the difference between this one and the NONSTOP Acela is negligible.

The trains which have been suspended are the following: Trains 201, 2402 and 2403. Other than those, you are all good! I called in and verified this with Amtrak. Only those of you who have already purchased your NONSTOP tickets are affected. No other NONSTOP tickets are being sold so you can use the website as you normally would.

Good luck and safe travels.

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