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Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th Inf. Reg. Borinqueneers

As the token Puertorican around here, I am happy to inform you all that the 65th Infantry Regiment will be receiving the Congressional Gold Medal. As a veteran, and a patriotic American, I admit with great shame that I had at no time heard of this Puerto Rican regiment up until quite recently. According to one of the surviving Borinqueneers:

The Chinese feared us because we were a unit that would never retreat!

I’d like to take a brief moment to send congratulations to the members of the 65th infantry on receiving this great honor. They will be joining the ranks of other segregated units who have received the Congressional Gold Medal.

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The Tuskegee Airmen (Black), Montfort Point Marines (Black), The Nisei (Japanese), The Windtalkers (Navajo).

To learn more, visit the 65th Infantry Regiment’s site.

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Keith Westbrook
6 years ago

Angel….. thanks for the heads up…..way over due and beyond well deserved for their honor and courage in defense of their Country!

Angel Rodriguez
6 years ago

It is unfortunate how little I know about these heroes. There is more to the story, apparently some were court martial. Now that I am aware, I’ll be doing more reading and watch the documentary.

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