Connor Mcgregor arrested in NYC

Connor Mcgregor is no stranger to controversy, but The Notorious MMA may have taken it a bit too far. Connor Mcgregor has been arrested in NYC for throwing a rage fueled tantrum in which he attacked a bus full of fighters, injuring some of them in the process. I know that two got some cuts including a laceration of the cornea. Bro, that’s some serious shit man. You could have blinded that dude, and for what?

Come on man, you are a dad for fucks sake. You have made millions of dollars and have a family to take care of. Why are you acting like a fucking street thug bro? If your homies got beef, handle that shit like gentlemen. We know you are a bad ass, we know you are tough, but no need to be stupid man.

Seriously! You are probably gonna get fined, sued, and if you are lucky you will walk with no jail time. But seriously man, you want to be there for your family, so get your shit together and cut the nonsense. You are too old for that bro.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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