Controversy over Barbie on Sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

Give me a motherfreaking break! So Barbie is pretty, and she has a fit body. WTF man? So a pretty person that is in shape can’t be seen in public cause it makes out of shape people feel bad? As one of those out of shape people, I think that this “controversy” is ridiculous. You should be comfortable in  your own skin regardless of who is on the cover of Sports illustrated. Putting someone else on the cover ain’t gonna change nothing for you if seeing Barbie makes you feel bad!

If you feel this way, your problems are much deeper than Barbie and you really should seek professional help. I’m not being sarcastic or degrading, I really do mean that you should seek help or talk to someone. We’ve all been there, I know I have. Still do from time to time.

Others are getting mad because they believe that putting a doll on the cover is sexualizing her and making it bad for kids? Come on! What kid reads sports illustrated?

If anyone should be offended it should be the readers, who wants to see a stupid doll on the cover of a magazine? Put a real woman on there, not some damn doll! Dammit! Now they are complaining because it’s a lean, fit doll, next they will complain because she’s a light skin blond. Would you ridiculous people please stop trying to complain about each and every thing that other people do? Just shut the hell up with this crap and mind your own damn business already. Man I’m fed up with all this offensive and politically correct stupidity.

Also, note that I am not making light of people with body issues. I recognize that some people struggle with this everyday, and I feel that they should seek help. I’m not attacking those people on here. I can relate to these folks, believe me. My frustration is with the people that stick their noses in other people’s business. For instance, what little girl would ever read sports illustrated swimsuit edition? It’s an adult geared magazine about sports that I bet most kids don’t ever even look at. But when people like these guys make it news, then maybe they will become curious about it. Buffoons.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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