Cook Your Ass Off Is Syndicated

Ladies and gentlemen, Cook Your Ass Off, which first appeared on CNN’s HLN channel has now been syndicated on two others! The first is Z Living!


Here is their schedule:

#CookYourAssOff ep103 “Honey Buns Wars” will air 4/26 @ 7pm ET, 4/27 @ 6pm ET, 5/1 @ 7pm ET, & 5/17 @ 6pm ET.

The other channel that I have been made aware of is Sony Channel Asia! We going global with this! LOL.

sony channel asia cook your ass off

I have no idea what channels these fall under, but if you’d like to watch, check with your cable providers! If you do get to see it, let me know what you thought of the show! I had no idea they were syndicating, a friend reached out and told me that they saw me on tv! I had no idea what show she saw, so I had her describe it, and then I did the search! Apparently, we have also showed up on Cooking Channel as well! So what’s up Food Network? When you bringing us aboard? By the way, I know you are wondering, and I am totally available for pictures and autographs! Hahaha!

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