Cop fired after shooting 10 pound dog

An Arkansas police officer has been fired for firing his service weapon at a 10 pound dog.

In the video, two dogs are seeing running around, and when the pup comes barking by the cop, he shoots it. The dog then begins to roll around in pain.

I didn’t listen to the audio of the video, and I didn’t watch the whole thing. But I saw enough to become horribly disturbed. This dog posed no real threat to this cop, yet he decided to shoot the little guy.

It appears he was fired because he fired his weapon around civilians, rather than for shooting the dog. However, I’ll take it as a win. Anything to get this trash off the force.

The one good piece of news about this is that the dog survived and is currently recovering from a shattered jaw from the gunshot wound.

Prosecutors are looking into whether or not they will file criminal charges. In my opinion they should. Who in their right mind shoots a 10 pound dog for barking? Especially a law enforcement official! I hate people who abuse animals, they make me sick.