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I read a story that states that cosmetic gynecology is on the rise. We’ve covered this from the male aspect before in regards to the dangers of penis enhancement surgery. But now it seems that women are opting to take similar risks.

One person said that her labia was too long and hanging, so she opted to have part of it surgically removed. This was done simply for aesthetic reasons and likely provides no real health benefits.

Those of you who know me, know that I am highly against performing any type of surgeries that are not for life saving purposes. To me, it doesn’t make sense to expose yourself to the risks of removing or altering any part of your sexual organs. Especially when there is no medical need to do it.

The story states that this may aid in resolving sexual dysfunction in some individuals. Similar to men who are feeling inadequate about their penis appearance or size. The thing is, from my vantage points you need to address the psychological aspects of the problem, and not literally “cut it out.”

There are all sorts of risks associated with surgery, spanning from infections to even potential problems with the organ functioning properly. There have been reports of numbness, reduced sensation, and more.

Let’s say you have a flappy vagina, or a slightly smaller penis, would you risk damaging those sexual organs because of some mental hangup or insecurity? You understand that your penis might not get hard anymore, right? Or that your vagina might not feel the pleasure sensation anymore, right? You get that? Would you risk that simply because you think it’s not pretty enough? What good is a huge penis if it doesn’t stand at attention? What good is a beautiful vagina if you can’t feel anything?

I know we live in this world of “do what makes you happy,” and everyone has the right to live however they want. And yes, you do, and you can. But think about it, is it worth the risk for the minor benefit you may gain from it?

Fellas, if your penis gets hard, and you have a partner who hasn’t left you yet, then you are all good.

Ladies, if you have a large, flappy labia, don’t worry about it, that’s more tasty flesh for us to lick and suckle on.

Don’t risk your health, sex life, and safety over vanity or insecurity. Find another way to get over it.

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