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Cosmic Sin Review

TLDR: This movie was a cosmic sin! Do better.

Right from the start this movie struck me as though it was going to be kind of weird, but I stayed optimistic. Weird isn’t always a bad thing, I should know. If only the weird stayed in the beginning, or perhaps was just sprinkled on, it may have worked. However, straight through the middle and right to the end of the film, it continued to feel really weird. And not weird in a good way, more like a “What the hell is this” kind of weird.

This film seemed to lack some form of direction and it was all over the place. Never mind the fact that some of the film took place in outer space and the graphics were really hard to look at. It was blurry at best, and damn near low level home made graphics at worse. Though that could be perceive as an insult to some home film makers who make this work look amateur.

Seeing Bruce Willis and some of the other recognizable actors I had high expectations for this film, but this movie was an all around waste of time and a huge disappointment. I wonder what these actors think as they are doing a movie like this? Do they know as its happening, that this movie will be a terrible flop?

So the story has to do with an invasion from another alien race and of course it’s up to us to stop it. Until the very end, we never really establish where the aliens are from, we are never truly told how they join humans or what happens to the human, and we never really understand what the hell they want. I mean, they are parasites and we are hosts, I get that, but is that it? Why then did the doctor push him at the end? “We never wanted peace?” Then we actually enter peace talks after Q bombing their fleet? What?

Bruce Willis has a weird role in this movie, “The blood general,” and at some point he starts to give this deep speech which should have been this amazing, touching moment had it been placed in the right spot and in the right context. “Do you have someone?” Does the soldier even answer? This is just dropped in this weird place and it felt really forced. What a waste of an emotional scene. I think they wanted an Armageddon type film moment. But nah, this wasn’t it.

Some other General apparently dies then somehow isn’t actually dead, and he becomes sort of the hero. Bruce Willis‘s friend starts to give some speech to this little girl who shows up out of nowhere, like dude, another misplaced emotional moment? What the hell is going on here? That little girl should have transformed into an alien and eaten the freaking guy, I mean, come on now! That’s Sci-fi 101!

Weird scene with a little kid popping up out of nowhere? Dude is supposed to be eaten and dead! Or better yet, he should become an alien general and confront his own friends, though they did try that with Bruce Willis’s ex wife. And don’t get me started on the humans on the base fighting against the aliens. Where the hell did they come from?

Simply for the benefit of my writing and out of sheer curiosity of where they would take this train wreck of a film, I sat and finished the movie. However, I cannot recommend this movie to anyone and I really didn’t enjoy the film. It was just a huge disappointment. My wife didn’t even stick around until the end of the movie, she just could take it… Yeah, it was that bad. Wow, such a waste of great potential.

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