Counterstrike GO: My favorite FPS game.

Everyone has a preference in what kind of games they like. There are different type of game genres and within those genres, different types of games.

One of my favorite types of games is the FPS (First person shooter) and the FPS I play most is CounterStrike GO. It started years ago while I worked on the Trading floor. My team members wanted me to play Counterstrike Source with them. So I got myself a new computer, a keypad, mouse and started playing.

I tried playing the casual matches with them, but I’d die instantly. Headshot, headshot, headshot. Domination. I didn’t know how to aim, I didn’t know the maps, strategy, nothing. All I did was run out and get shot in the head. Other times I’d run out, get blinded by a flash bang and then I’d be dead before I could even regain my vision.

Still, I played with them for hours and hours. We’d play from 10pm until about 3 or 4am, then arrive at the office for a 630am shift. Those were some crazy days. I preferred playing deathmatch because I’d return back to life and get to keep playing, but even then, I’d still get wrecked.

Since then, I’ve improved my aim and learned the maps a bit more. I stopped playing for a very long time and recently picked it up again. I still pretty much only play deathmatch and taze people till Kingdom come, but I can play comp if I really want to. I just don’t care much for it as I’ve never learned the strategies and stuff. The one time I ever play comp, I got some taze kills and knifed some guys. That was epic!

I’m not “good” by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m worlds beyond what I was those early days of playing, and I can hold my own against your average player. Of course there are those who still kill me nearly instantly, but even those experts have fallen prey to my tazer! No one, no matter how good, is immune to my squeal powers! Ahhhhh.

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