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Creating an abortion game?

The abortion debate and my thoughts.

This is a topic that I don’t want to get too heavily into, I sat on this post for a long time because I feel that the decision between pro-choice and pro-life are very, very personal choices. We have seen all the ridiculous arguments that some politicians have made in this regard. “If you get raped, your body shuts down to prevent pregnancy.” Idiot. Though I can agree with some of the points politicians make, obviously I don’t always agree with all the stupid things they can say.

In a nutshell my personal belief is that a woman should have the right to choose when it comes to her body. Whatever her choice may be. Although to that statement I would like to add the clause “within reason”. That’s where the topic becomes a bit difficult and subjective for me. You see, what is reasonable to me may not be reasonable to a far right conservative or a far left liberal.

I have had this debate from here to the moon and back again. I’ve spoken with many different individuals both male and female that stand on all the different sides of this issue. Yes I believe in the right to choose, but I also know of some people that use abortions as a form of birth control. These individuals view abortions as a regular way of life as opposed to a last resort. I personally know of one case where a woman was going to have a photo shoot and she had an abortion so that she wouldn’t gain any weight before taking her pictures. She said to us and I quote “I’ll just get pregnant after the photo shoot, it’s no biggie.” Now, regardless of your stance on this issue, I’m sure we can all agree that her logic is flawed!

Just the same I know some people that are pro-life no matter what the circumstances may be. I asked one of them how they felt if a woman is raped and became pregnant? In response they asked me “How is that the baby’s fault? I know she was raped, but that’s a life inside of her. Was it the baby’s fault? What about the baby’s rights?”


The abortion game.

Our friends at the gateway pundit reported the following on the topic: “Cultural historian” and Illinois Institute of Technology Ass. Professor Carly Kocurek has teamed with “poet” Allyson Whipple to create an abortion game for women. They say the “goal” of their game is to teach “empathy” and help women navigate through a wide array of barriers in order to obtain an abortion.

As I said before, I support a woman’s right to choose. But I don’t support the right to abuse, and this is certainly not a gaming matter!

“Many people, including privileged pro-choice people, do not realize the extent to which people with less privilege struggle with geography, time, and money to obtain abortions.”

I would like poet Allyson Whipple to tell me more about the statement quoted above. I’d like to hear what she has to say about the aforementioned “weight control story”. Whipple and Kocurek are due to release the “abortion game” sometime in 2014. They hope this game will educate High Schoolers on abortion.

I wonder how the mass media would react to a pro-choice game that teaches women about how to avoid unwanted pregnancy? “Through this game the women are being taught how to navigate a series of situations that would lead to unwanted pregnancy. Through morals, the love of God, and education they are being taught the value of protection while having sexual relations.” Oh, the media would go to town on this! As would all the die hard Liberals and the Atheists. But somehow the other version is ok?

So what are your thoughts about this abortion game?

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Karen Stephens
7 years ago

“within reason” Whose reason? It’s all or nothing, dude. You either have no say as to what I chose to do with MY uterus or you dictate what I get to do with MY uterus.

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

So you are ok with that trash I spoke about? I have a problem with what she is doing. I knew that no matter what this article would create waves. LOL. Well, get ready cause I have another one for you. Coming right up!

Karen Stephens
7 years ago

So, I’m supposed to want to have that woman breed? Um, no. IF the story is true, then she’s a horrible person that no one needs to call “mother”. But again, I don’t care what stories you dig up… I still won’t condone any attempt to legislate my uterus.

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Of course, and you can fight for that right. I know some that will fight you just as hard in the opposite direction. Today, that person is not me though. I think you can do whatever you want with your uterus. But anyone who aborts a baby to lose weight is trash in my book, and I will judge this person as the trash that I think she is.

Karen Stephens
7 years ago

Leave the judgement to the God you believe in. Otherwise you’re encroaching on His purview.

7 years ago

Creating an abortion game?

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